Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nine To Five

One of the great blessings of self-employment is that the term “9 to 5” ceases to have meaning. There is just the day and the night and the work to be done.

Our society sanctions selling your soul to the Machine for at least eight hours a day, at least five days a week. Lives are literally spent, the juices all used up, as people slog through uninspired day after uninspired day just to collect a pay check. And we think that is normal! And we think that is how it should be.

Glory to the God of Creativity!
Blessed be the inspired life that energizes body and mind!

Finding within yourself a way to survive by your own happiness is very freeing. Humans are not machines and should not run on factory time. These crazy ideas are throwbacks to the Industrial Revolution when women and children were shackled to looms to increase their productivity.

The factories are mostly gone now. The jobs are gone too and they won’t be back soon.

What would a creative society look like? What if each child and teenager was encouraged to follow their bliss in order to find their life’s work? What would you have done?

I loved making things with paper, glue and scissors. I loved pictures, collages and writing stories, one hunt and peck at a time on my Mom’s typewriter. I loved fashion and fabrics, putting on fashion shows and plays. I loved singing and dancing and playing Indians in the woods.

I am a grownup now. My life supports me playing on the computer all day and all night long if I choose. It gives me time to think and breath and take care of the details. I wonder if I will ever retire, or if perhaps I already have.

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