Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Designing My Day

Penney sent me a postcard. It says “Make Life Your Work of Art”.
I have added a one liner to my signature, “Live life as a creation.”

What are we saying? How will I design my day today?

World Peace comes to mind… I will look for signs that World Peace is a reality.
Today someone sent me a link to this site: http://www.onlyloveprevails.org/
ONLY LOVE PREVAILS... 29,436 people in 160 Countries have already signed up to participate in a World Peace Experiment!

Also found on the web the World Peace Society http://www.worldpeace.org/

I have help from spiritual forces available to me at all times.

It does seem to me that I am frequently “helped”. In asking for help with a friend’s situation the timing and connections were awesome. Just the right people came forward to assist me at every step. I got into the jail to see him, I found an awesome bail bondswoman, I didn’t have to come up with any money, he got a new living situation, all his stuff got moved etc. It was very smooth. All I had to do was my part, and that was what I could do without compromising myself. It also left him with renewed self-confidence because he also was able to actively participate in resolving his own problems. Each step of the way I asked for divine help, and although I didn't see any angels many wonderful people gave me enormous help to accomplish what needed to be done.

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