Saturday, September 11, 2004

What is Creativity Magic?

What is Creativity Magic?
Let me see if I can define it for myself.

Creativity is where things arise in the mind that weren’t there before. For example I might have a ball of yarn. I might have several ideas of what to do with the yarn… I could knit a sweater for a friend, crochet a baby blanket, make an ojo, a dream catcher or use it as a toy for a cat. The possibilities are endless because the creative part of the mind can always come up with one more idea. In fact it can nearly always come up with twenty more ideas for anything you care to think about.

Problems occur in our rational mind. This is the part of the brain that measures and judges, “Too little of this, too much of that.” It can never be content because it always has questions and comparisons.

The answers to the questions come from the creative realm. The creative realm is part of a much larger connection that we all have to everything that is. It monitors what is going on in the larger universe and attempts to communicate with our rational mind and senses in several interesting ways.

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