Thursday, January 24, 2008

Powerful Forces At Work In Your Life

Dear One,
We love you and we applaud your efforts so far. Even though you may not see huge changes so far you can feel the old infrastructure of outmoded thinking beginning to crumble. There has been a lot of movement and some real surprises since Day1.

We love the blog changes, and look forward to seeing more of that manifest on the web. Pulling together all of this "Angel Power" gave it a lot of strength.

It was interesting to revisit some of your earlier writings on Feng Shui. The contents are really good but it needs to be revised now that your technological expertise has come such a long way. And also today to connect with an excellent new business opportunity and see all of the possibilities there. It is very exciting.

All that you need to know is inside of you already. It just seems like you need reminders that you remember, and then forget, remember and forget. So what you need is a way of making it stick. Anchoring things in your visual field is one place to begin. You could make a huge mandala on your wall. That would be cool. You have your altar. These are the things that religious orders have used for centuries to reinforce faith. But maybe you need a more personal, unique map to keep you focused and centered on your journey.

We love you, and we hope that you can feel powerful forces at work in your life to support you in bringing your dreams to fruition. Keep writing, keep reading, keep dreaming. It will all be unfolding in perfect divine order.
Your angels

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