Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Day Fifteen Learning AngelSpeake

Seek always the highest truth, for you are divine perfection! -- Bryan DeFlores

Dear One,
We love you, and applaud you for getting this far! You have completed two weeks, and one week to go.

You are starting to see that your house is full of angels. You are starting to sense that your house is surrounded by angels, and to know how gentle their presence feels.

Here in the early morning, you open your journal and write once again. In the quiet of morning you can finally hear us, and listen carefully for we have much to say.

Angels like things smooth, and clean, and clear, things like crystals, and glass, and things that sparkle. We're fussy that way! We want you to keep your space clean and clear of "stuff". Surround yourself only with the purest and most beautiful things, and let the rest go. There is no need to hang on to all of this old stuff. You have grown past it. There was a time when all of these things might have had a spiritual significance for you. There was a time when some of these things were hard to come by. Now you have such an abundance, but they don't feel energetically like what you need to have around you. We're urging you to sift a little deeper and remove the elements that no longer resonate.

You think you are holding on to things for your family. They will gather their own "stuff". If you want to save things for them, pack them away for some future unveiling.

You are going through a time of intense growing and change. You need your environment to be pure and fresh, a timely representation that reflects all that you are experiencing on the inner planes.

Purify on the inner planes, purify on the outer as well. We recommend a change in your diet. You need to feel your pure self again. There is so much you can do energetically just by eating pure food, thinking clear thoughts, and living in a clean environment.

We love you,
Your angels

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