Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A New Level of Consciousness

This week I am on a quest to amp up my consciousness a notch or two. some issues in my life seem persistent, and it felt to me like a whole new way of thinking about certain issues would be the only way to make a difference. The areas where I most want to make progress are with my health, money, creating a more empowered future for myself and with family relationships.

While speaking to Julia Griffin of One True Self on the phone she said, "There is a lot of angelic activity around you at this time." Well I can believe it! Orbs of light have been showing up in many of our photos lately. Julia suggested I visit her web site, One True Self and read the article on "Speaking With The Angels".

It suggests a 21-day program for learning to receive clear messages from our guides on a daily basis.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Judith,
Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! I love the pink orbs on your site, they're so beautiful!! I'm very interested in learning more about Angelspeake, thanks so much for posting the link here. I will be checking that out soon.
I've enjoyed visiting your blog, you were right we do have a lot in common!