Sunday, January 27, 2008

Day Twelve Learning AngelSpeake

Dear One,
We love you, and yes, that is us in the picture. We love to be around children and small animals when they are playing. Don't let the pictures fool you. There are many of us, and we are literally all around you. Like the deer in the forest that surrounds you, we are present but rarely glimpsed.

Playfulness is a heavenly attribute, and children and puppies and kittens are full of it. It is a switching of realities that adults forget to use... Adults tend to focus on the task at hand and assume that the reality they are operating in is "real", that its attributes are fixed somewhere in time and space. This is helpful for people when they are trying to co-ordinate their efforts and work or play together in one time and place. However each persons reality is their own particular delusion - there is no one reality that is shared by all. Think of times you have spent with people you were very close to... even the most bonded, "in love" people will experience any event differently. It is all about your filters.

But children are more adept at the flexible type reality shifting. They say to each other, "I'm the mommie, and you're the daddy..." or "You're a big green monster who is lost in the forest, and I'm the princess with a magic wand." A few parameters are laid out, and then everyone jumps in to create families, battles, or exploration pirate games. It doesn't matter what, the child will "shift reality".

Adults who do improv theatre experience this same group "reality shift". Motivational speakers also tap into this faculty of the human psyche.

That's all for today!
Love from
The Angels

PS: Try to get a chance to watch children at play. See how their reality shifts from moment to moment.

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