Friday, January 18, 2008

Elevate the Consciousness

Dear One,
We love you very much and we are so excited that you are communicating with us on a daily basis! It is exhilarating for us angels to really get a chance to talk with humans.

You can start the Feng Shui of the office today just by cleaning, clearing and transforming the space. The three things you have been asked to focus on; writing, cooking nourishing meals, and the feng shui of the office are all things that will elevate your consciousness to a new place. There are other things we could have selected but these things will be good for you and your family.

So you see the plan is first to elevate the consciousness. Then from a new plane of looking you will find that the things you thought were problems have either changed, or disappeared completely.

It is time to get over disapointment and hurts from the past in the area of love. Be open to new love coming in!
Lots of love,
The Angels

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