Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Focus On The Tasks At Hand

Dear One,
We love you, and we understand your feelings. You have a compassionate heart. You want to take care of everyone and everything. It is cold outside and you worry about the cats, the deer, the homeless people, the birds. If it was up to you, you might just bring them all into your warm home. That is your nature. You learned compassion a long long time ago.

Angels have that problem too. Often we would want to rush in and help where we weren't invited. Our compassion for the suffering of the human race is endless. But each human is here to learn, and we are not allowed to interfere with that learning process.

Right now you have your own lessons to learn. Right now you must focus on the tasks at hand. Forget serving the world for the moment. Right now you must provide warmth and shelter for your family.

Your job right now is to write it all down. Make notes. It will help others to grow. Don't worry about promoting it. When it is written, it will be found. Just focus on the tasks at hand, your daily tasks of feeding your family and your animals, taking care of your home and your business, and writing down these messages. Focus on love, focus on joy. Focus on being triumphant!

We love you,
Your Angels

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