Friday, March 28, 2008

Wonder, Gratitude, and a New Sense of Freedom

Dear One,
We love you, and isn't life magical when you open up to spirit? Life is much easier with a happy heart and a childlike sense of wonder.

It is Spring now, a time of renewal and you are feeling a lot of change and growth in your life. Things have shifted since you began, especially there is more harmony in your heart, and in your home.

Many of the problems are the same, but your attitude has shifted to one of wonder, gratitude and a new sense of freedom. Without all the anxiety, your heart is able to open up to people in a new way. At your core you feel more alive, more tuned in, and more connected.

You wonder what will open up out of this shift? What does spirit have in store for me? What does the universe want from me? All this, and more to be revealed as Spring moves into Summer!
Youe Angels

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