Thursday, March 06, 2008

Healing Is Felt All Around You

Dear One,
We love you, and in all things we wish you well. You really are changing your behaviors with regards to your writing and the feng shui of the house. The house is feeling much better.

You have had two new instances of friends who live far from you reporting changes that you feel are connected to the Feng Shui of the office. Feng Shui works on such subtle levels that it can make changes in the energy of remote places. Now you also have the added energy of the internet to display your writing, and it is being viewed by visitors from other countries.

Your thoughts and feelings are constantly affecting the people around you, but you may not always be aware of their impact. You came upon an idea on the web that one person healing themselves could heal their ancestors and descendants for seven generations in both directions. This is a Native American teaching. It shows how powerful the effects of healing oneself can be. The healing is felt all around you, and will affect the lives of many that you don't know.
Your Angels

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