Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Become Conscious of the "Pain-Body"

Dear One,
We love you, and we are beside you today, as always. When you think about healing yourself remember that whatever you do affects not only yourself but your ancestors and decendants for multiple generations. That is why it is so important to become conscious of the "pain-body".

Look at your last two generations of ancestors and you will see how deeply their lives were affected by the two world wars, money and food shortages, physical injuries, and class prejudice. Emotional residue of all of these wounds are part of your own pain-body.
Your Angels

Note: Definition of the pain-body from Eckhart Tolle's The New Earth, Page 142:
"The remnants of pain left behind by every strong negative emotion that is not fully faced, accepted, and then let go of join together to form an energy field that lives in the very cells of your body."

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