Friday, March 21, 2008

Life Feels Like Such a Blessing

Dear One,
We love you and we hope you are ready for new adventures today.

You can learn a lot from your animals about trust and healing. Most animals in this world just rely on the natural healing ability of their bodies. Humans complicate things a lot with thinking and knowledge but at the basis of it all the body either heals itself, or it doesn't.

What is the process that brings about healing? How does a healthy body keep from getting sick? Your health and vitality bubble up from your soul. Even if you understand all of the processes of the body, it is still just the vehicle by which your soul comes into this reality. When the soul is ready to move on, the body is released, and death is inevitable.

When you were sick you were wondering, "Am I going to die?" It felt like a possibility... yet here you are two weeks later full of strength and vitality. Life feels like such a blessing. Even things you complained about before you got sick just seem trivial now.

Appreciate and enjoy every moment for being alive is a great adventure. You can regard it as a week's vacation in Disney World. Leave your worries and anxieties behind, and just play with the experiences that come your way.

Don't worry about death because we will be with you then, as we are now... but you will see us then. Don't worry even for the ones you leave behind because they too are always loved and protected.
Your Angels

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