Friday, February 15, 2008

Your Environment is a Mirror

Dear One,
We love you, and we offer you hope that you will begin to grasp the underlying patterns of the way things work.

Your environment is like a mirror, and it is constantly giving you feedback about who you are. All week you have felt depressed about the mess in the house. Is it more work to clean it up, or to ignore it? It has been hard for you to breathe. What are you focused on that is creating chaos in your home, and shortness of breath?

You are angry, and feel the need to set some boundaries. Before you were doing all of the housework and feeling discouraged and frustrated. Now you have taken a few steps back from doing everything, and the house is in chaos. What we want is for you to check into your own life, your body, and your environment. We want you to be focused here at home on making the best life possible for you and your family. When you change yourself the family also makes changes in their lives.

You have three assignments, cooking nourishing food, writing , and feng shui of the office. If you stick with these three the rest will resolve on its own. Make better food choices, clear what is not working, or being used out of your environment. It will help your energy.
Your Angels

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