Monday, February 04, 2008

Day Twenty Learning AngelSpeake

Divine Heart, unfold within, and welcome the beckoning light. -- Bryan DeFlores

Dear One,
We love you, and we want to support you in having a good life. Fighting with the people you love can be very distressing. As with other problems, it is best to focus on what brings joy and nurturance to the situation. Think about the areas we have been working on recently. The area of cooking nutritious meals remains untouched.

You long for a peaceful environment, a quiet routine, and deep concentration on your work. Right now that doesn't seem possible. You have to give people space to be themselves. You have to let them experience their own energies without your interference. You know how to make yourself scarce, and we suggest you do that. Go to events, take classes, exercise. Do the things that you need to do, find a way to travel and see your friends.
With love,
Your Angels

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