Sunday, February 10, 2008

Change Comes In Small Steps

Dear One,
We love you, and we hope you will continue with the angel writing, and of course you must continue with your own writing everyday also.

It is great that you are taking time to be creative in the mornings. It does help you to work better in the afternoons when you have satisfied your creative urges first. Plus you seem to have more inner satisfaction from your work.

Change comes in small steps, repeated over and over until you really can become aware of the benefits. Twenty-one days is a good amount of time to experience a change of behavior, and start to feel the benefits.

Your next area of focus is your health. Decide on one thing you want to change, and make it happen for 21 days. Try to spend one hour a day on cooking and preparing nutritious meals. Smoothies and salads have been a great place to begin.
We love you,
Your Angels

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