Thursday, February 14, 2008

Quiet Introspection

Dear One,
We love you, and we celebrate with you. What better way to celebrate than by writing in your notebook? You really need these times of quiet introspection to pay attention to what is happening inside of yourself, and all around you.

So much is just filtered out and forgotten if you don't make some effort to record and examine the moments. Tonight you were waltching a program about thoughts creating reality. You felt like you belonged in that conversation, talking about creating realities. You connected with a publicist this week, and felt like this was a connection to the world of publishing. You are writing easily now. The words flow when you put pen to paper.

Still, you don't know yet what you will write, or how you will write it. It is just a feeling... a feeling you have had since you were little, that you would write books one day. Trust that sense inside of yourself, and keep doing all that you are doing to bring these ideas into reality. You will succeed.

We love you and we are here to support you in all of your efforts.
Your Angels

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