Thursday, February 21, 2008

Be Content With Making Small Changes

Dear One,
We love you, and we are amazed that you have come this far.

Hearing our voice in the midst of a busy life is challenging, but now you are getting the hang of it. In the beginning you must go slowly and be content with making small changes in your life. Even the slightest adjustments will have enormous effects overall. Like walking every day... it may seem like a small difference in your day but the health effect for your body could bring about huge changes. And in the beginning you were motivated to walk daily for the dogs benefit - not your own. The dogs in turn are much better behaved for having long daily runs through the woods. And everyone sleeps better.

As we said before you can't always know what the widespread effect of your being happy and empowered in your life can be. You know you are feeling much calmer and stronger than before.

Putting up a wish board is a great idea, and covers up another "hole" in your office. Keeping things tighter and cleaner will have a big effect on your business.

We wish the best for you in all things.
Your Angels

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