Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How Change Works

Dear One,
We love you, and we are excited that you are starting to see how change works. To understand how change works, and to be able to apply it in your own life is to become a "Master of the Universe". You are just learning the baby steps at the moment.

The "reality" that you live in is totally responsive to your actions. Your sincere desires set the course for what is possible. But it must be followed by actions that align with those desires and strengthen them.

Yesterday you thought you had a problem with your dogs, but when you dug a little deeper you saw that the problem came from who you were being. You shifted that with one bold action. In this case you saw that you need to be "pack leader", and assert yourself more fully with the dogs by walking with them every day. You were about to ignore this advice, and go on working (your old pattern) when you heard a car honking at the dogs who were down at the road again. You knew then that the dogs needed you to go for a walk with them. You did, and the dogs were thrilled. They wore themselves out, and came back so tired that they stayed out of trouble for the rest of the day and night. Keep it up and you will see amazing changes in the dogs, and also in yourself. Even Jasmine wanted to go for a walk last night after she got home. You have here a perfect trail to walk with the dogs.

You are working much better when you do work, and your results are much better, fewer errors. In the afternoon a new opportunity showed itself of someone who can help you with publishing your work. It is a great idea to identify the areas in your life where you need expert help; find the right expert, and use their help to inspire your own growth.

Also the food you made on Sunday gave you some excellent food to eat for two days. Keep it up and you will convert the family eventually... in the meantime you will eat very well.

The brain is full of impulses and ideas. The question is which ones will you pay attention to? You can choose to filter out a great deal by focusing on one activity. In this case you have made the Attunement Blog your place to focus your ideas.
With love,
Your Angels

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