Monday, February 11, 2008

It Is Only You That Needs To Change

Dear One,
We love you, and we want to remind you to be patient with the people around you. We understand your impatience but you have to remember that it is only you that needs to change in all this. The power is all with you.

Take the dogs for example. You find their behavior frustrating. The dogs are just being dogs. In order to change the dogs behavior you will need to change the way you relate to them. You will need to become pack leader.

The same is true in every area of your life where you are being too passive. Interactions between humans are all power struggles of one type or another. You are passive and frustrated in most of your dealings with people. You have never really assumed the role of pack leader. These dogs love and trust you. Your family loves and trusts you. You have to dig deep to find your own power, and to know when to assert yourself, and when to allow others to be strong.

You have so many good ideas for your business. You have all the creativety and skills you need. Now you can do what it takes to be successful, and that is a lot like being a pack leader. But you have to assert your dominance and control of the situation, or the people following you will not feel safe to trust your leadership.
Your angels

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