Thursday, February 07, 2008

Find Your Inner Tranquility

Dear One,
Good Morning! We love you, and we hope that today you can find your inner tranquility again.

Yesterday you imagined what it would take for everything in your life to be "perfect" before the New Moon. Life is overwhelming when you try to tackle everything at once. Just keep clearing the path in front of you. That is a good place to begin.

You have been changing your routine by adding extra time for writing each day. Will your work get done just the same? Most definitely because you will work lighter and clearer because of the writing.

It is a very blessed and profound thing to be a writer. You sense that that is what lies ahead in the next twelve year cycle. You have spent a long time in coming to the place where you are today. Don't think that we will abandon you now! If you can become a clear channel, as well as a writer and techno wizard, you will be able to be of great service.
Your Angels

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