Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Guide to Successful Manifesting

1) Set Goals and have Clear Intentions
Start with goals that are relatively easy to reach, ones that do not challenge your belief systems too much, thereby causing little resistance. It is good to stretch a little, in terms of your beliefs as to what is possible, but don't go too far when you first start with the process of creative manifesting and visualization

2) Create a Clear Picture / Vivid Idea
It is very important to be very specific about your wishes and desires. It is also important to let go of the specifics of how it will come to you. For example, if you want a new home, do not give a moment's thought to how the money will come to pay for the home, simply create a clear picture of your new home and allow the Universe to sort out the details.

3) Frequent Focus/Discipline
The more you visualize, the more real it will become. Call upon your natural skills of discipline and make your manifesting a part of your daily routine

4) Focus on having, not on lack
Do not give any thought, power or energy to the thought of not having what you want.

5) Challenge your feelings
When feelings of "I can't have this", "I am not worthy" or "This is impossible" come, simply stop yourself in your tracks and ask "How do I want to feel?" or "What thought do I wish to have", then get back on track with thinking along the lines of having.

6) Inner Work
Make it a part of your life to work on your inner negative images and beliefs concerning yourself. Use regular mediation to re-program your beliefs, seek out therapists, counselors and workshops that can assist you to change your inner dialogue. Manifesting can take you on to a path of deep inner healing.

7) Make Manifesting a daily part of your life
You are already expending a lot of thought energy towards lack, and creating conditions that don't suit you. Simply use that energy consciously to create your hearts desire.

8) Contact Soul
Spend time sitting with yourself and ask your inner being or Soul to be with you. The more you do this, the more you will be infused with the natural creative abundance of your Soul.

9) Do not use Manifesting to manipulate others
If you are looking for a life partner, do not use manifesting techniques for getting a specific person to love you. Simply make a clear request to the Universe for your ideal love, and allow the Universe to take care of the details.

10) Practice Generosity and Gratitude
The more you appreciate what you have, the more open you will be to receive more. Acts of generosity will affirm your belief in unlimited abundance.


Summer Slipped By

Summer slipped away, this one going faster than any other summer I can remember. We didn’t seem to have those doldrums… the days and days of intense heat when the air has ripples and the ozone warnings stay in the red zone. It was a lovely summer of green leaves and bright blue skies. No hurricanes came our way. Such blessings! I got to re-experience summer through my friendship with my granddaughter. Together we discovered a box turtle hiding in the long grass. We watched families of deer run through the pasture. I got to enjoy the fun of jumping over the waves together at the edge of the shore.
Life has become very simple. There’s work and there’s time to play with Jasmine. I find time for dog walks but not much for housework.