Angel Messages

These are some of my angel messages. You might find some of them apply to you.


*Remember that you are the one who is generating the experiences that you have.  Dream the best for yourself. Dream something wonderful and beautiful.  Keep clearing the space until you are surrounded by calm, pure energy.


*Everything will become clearer with time. Everything is working out in perfect divine order even if it seems like there is not enough time. It is all going to be fine. Work on staying present and focused so that you make the best use of your time.

*You must allow yourself to be at your own speed, not trying to keep up with or compete with others. You can only be you.  Others may want to hurry or race by you, but how can you expect to do anything of value if you do not stay connected to your center?

Remember how precious you are, how brilliant and talented.  Trust your creative center to produce results.


*Being in integrity is everything because when things are in integrity they disappear from your mind.  Resolve any issues that are out of integrity for you.  We want you freed up.


*Rest in the moment and enjoy the riches that are coming to you.

*Being mindful doesn't guarantee that there won't be pain or suffering in your life, only that when it happens you'll be present to it, and be with it. Savor each moment of consciousness as if it were your last meal.

We hope you are happy and find the best in every day.

* You are blessed in so many ways!  It is as if you were born under a bright star! Today you prayed for the happiness of all sentient beings.  Now, your wish is granted!All sentient beings will be happy.  We will begin with you.  You will be joyful.  You are joyful.  Your cup is running over.


*Please remember that we are here to help you in many ways.  Just ask for our assistance.  All things are possible.

There is no set formula for the life you have chosen to live.  To live out of your intuition is to be constantly creating and inventing the path.  There is no way.  The way is made by walking.

If you knew the way, if you really knew what to do then you would not be on your own path because your path is a path of invention and creativity.