Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Daily Attention to Detail

Dear one,
We love you, and we celebrate your victory over the mess in your office. It is really looking and feeling very pleasant these days. Little changes can have a big impact on your state of mind. Gradually the effect will spread to all parts of the house, and all areas of your life.

Feng Shui/Cleaning/Clearing is one thing you must continually reinforce with daily attention to detail.

Things come to you as you are ready and open to them. There is no reason to go out into the world and try to force things to happen. Just stay calm, centered, grounded and focused on what lies before you here and now.

Doors will open, things and people will come into your life in amazing ways.
Your Angels

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Calm and Centered

Dear One,
We love you, and we wish you stregnth in all that you do. Each day it begins anew, and each day you have been faithfully recording our messages. Even more important you have been implementing the changes we suggested... Your life is changing in powerful ways.

Cooking nutritious food for your family is a powerful way to affect their long term health and happiness. It brings your family together.

Between cooking, cleaning, writing, Feng Shui and walking the dogs every day you have been too busy to worry, and that is a good thing. Keep your mind calm and centered, that is what is really important.

Your loving angels

Monday, February 25, 2008

A Pure Heart and A Calm Spirit

Dear One,
We love you, and we are joyful to be bringing you this message. There are many ways to serve God, and for some it is a life of quiet contemplation. For you keeping a pure heart and a calm spirit is what is important. You can radiate that love to others, and nourish their beings also.

You don't always need to understand the ways in which you are serving a special purpose here on earth. If you focus on what lies just ahead of you in your day, doing each task with loving attention and gratitude, that is sufficient.

It is like sweeping the path before you; always with loving intention, and loving attention.
Your Angels

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Healing the Separations of the Past

Dear One,
We love you and we are glad that you are feeling so open and friendly towards your family. That is a very positive change. And it seems that they also are feeling more friendly towards you.

The Feng Shui of the office and your bedroom has brought more old photos to light, lost things keep turning up, and you are having fun recovering all the treasures that had been packed away.

You are so passionate about finding all of the lost pieces of your family's history. It gives you great satisfaction to join all together the photos, people living and passed, and their stories. You have the ability now to bring it all together, and heal all of the separations of the past.

Your Angels

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Being is Sufficient

Dear One,
We love you, and we want you to succeed. Not that failure is an option, or even a possibility. Being is sufficient, but if you can live your life with joy and love that will be what we would call success. Keep sending out those happy vibrations!

Things are really shifting at home, and you are pleasantly surprised to wake up and find that someone else has been cleaning up.

You were surfing the web yesterday looking for pictures about orbs and angels. They are showing up in many places... children's parties, churches, Stonehenge, graveyards, and weddings. The truth is that we are everywhere, and we are especially present where joy and love are the predominent emotions. We also like to go where we are invited so remember to invite us to join your family activities. We will show up.
Your angels

Friday, February 22, 2008

Love Everyone Around You

Dear One,
We love you, and we see you as you are shifting in love consciousness. Ultimately that is the most important thing, and you will gradually experience this shifting in your life. Everyone and everything around you needs your love. Everyone and everything around you will flourish in your love.

If you do nothing else for the rest of your days but love everyone around you, you will have done everything that needs to be done.

You have many things happening in your life right now. Stay grounded in taking care of your home, and your family, and your writing.
Your Angels

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Be Content With Making Small Changes

Dear One,
We love you, and we are amazed that you have come this far.

Hearing our voice in the midst of a busy life is challenging, but now you are getting the hang of it. In the beginning you must go slowly and be content with making small changes in your life. Even the slightest adjustments will have enormous effects overall. Like walking every day... it may seem like a small difference in your day but the health effect for your body could bring about huge changes. And in the beginning you were motivated to walk daily for the dogs benefit - not your own. The dogs in turn are much better behaved for having long daily runs through the woods. And everyone sleeps better.

As we said before you can't always know what the widespread effect of your being happy and empowered in your life can be. You know you are feeling much calmer and stronger than before.

Putting up a wish board is a great idea, and covers up another "hole" in your office. Keeping things tighter and cleaner will have a big effect on your business.

We wish the best for you in all things.
Your Angels

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Well Connected With Angels

Dear One,
We love you. Your friend is suddenly dying, and you feel stricken with the shock over the loss. Death is a shock because it switches our focus. You have been deeply focused on your own life, thoughts, feelings and emotions for many days. Now you are suddenly aware of what has been happening in other lives.

Before you were peripherally aware of what was going on with them, although you had a strong sense of what the outcome would be. Just allow yourself some time to process the shock. Your friend is well connected with the angels. She will be well taken care of in death, as she was in life.
Your Angels

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Loving Attention to Detail

Dear One,
We love you and we wish you joy on this day. It is exciting to see the dafodils are already sending up green leaves and even a few flowers buds. You are so peaceful this morning that it worries you. You ask yourself, "Shouldn't I be worrried about something?"

You are still in transition although your consciousness has shifted you still cling to some old patterns of behavior (like worrying) even though they weren't all that helpful in the past. We know what you need, and those things that serve your highest good will be given.

You know the three areas that you need to focus on. Instead of worry, devote three hours to cooking something nourishing, making your office feel even better, and writing. These three activities will allow you to be grounded, centered, focused and conscious. This is to be your natural operating state of being as you move through your day. If there are opportunities, you will not miss them in this state of awareness, and you will be able to respond to them with graciousness and acceptance - loving attention to detail.
Good luck with this practice,
Your Angels

Monday, February 18, 2008

Birthday Gifts

Dear One,
We love you, and we wish you a happy birthday. We were present when you were born, and we shall be there when you are ready to cross over. Your prayers are always heard, and nearly always answered... this, or something better.

Can anyone have too much love? You can go confidently into this next year knowing that your direction is good, and that you now have a way to stay on course daily.

Self Confidence
Supportive Environment
All of this and more are your birthday gifts from us.
Your Angels

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Nourishing Creativity

Dear One,
We love you, and we wish you well today. Today is a happy day for your family as your little one is honored for her creativity. Your ancestors have great creativity, and it is wonderful to see its expression in the child.

You find yourself feeling happier and more uplifted. You are working better, and you are more hopeful. These are all great improvements over the recent past.

Your office is looking and feeling much better, And you are more alert. Creativity needs to be protected and nourished. It is mostly a solitary pursuit, and seems to require vast amouts of time, and space, and paper! It is not something that can be squuezed into twenty minutes a day. You are just beginning to build momentum by coming to the table every day. You are making it a top priority, and giving it a chance to supply the rest of your life. You need that focused creative energy just the same way that you need nourishing food and medicines. It is your connection to your soul, and your soul is the source of your life here on earth.

Trust it. Trust it to understand, and bring you what you need.
Your Angels.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Reinforce the Ideas That You Want to Manifest

Dear One,
We love you, and we want the best for you and your family. Your thoughts range from very positive and empowered thinking to very desperate and depressed, and back again. Every minute of every day you are responding to the events and people around you as they unfold... You are not always in control of the thoughts and feelings that arise in response to the world around you. Some of your reactions are basic and instinctual, some emotional. It is not neccessary to try to control these thoughts, or try to subdue them. If you try to run after each errant thought and try to change it, you will make yourself exhausted. Instead, reinforce the ideas that you want to manifest. Begin by getting clear about the values that you want in your life. Make a visual display for yourself about that.
Your angels

Friday, February 15, 2008

Your Environment is a Mirror

Dear One,
We love you, and we offer you hope that you will begin to grasp the underlying patterns of the way things work.

Your environment is like a mirror, and it is constantly giving you feedback about who you are. All week you have felt depressed about the mess in the house. Is it more work to clean it up, or to ignore it? It has been hard for you to breathe. What are you focused on that is creating chaos in your home, and shortness of breath?

You are angry, and feel the need to set some boundaries. Before you were doing all of the housework and feeling discouraged and frustrated. Now you have taken a few steps back from doing everything, and the house is in chaos. What we want is for you to check into your own life, your body, and your environment. We want you to be focused here at home on making the best life possible for you and your family. When you change yourself the family also makes changes in their lives.

You have three assignments, cooking nourishing food, writing , and feng shui of the office. If you stick with these three the rest will resolve on its own. Make better food choices, clear what is not working, or being used out of your environment. It will help your energy.
Your Angels

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Quiet Introspection

Dear One,
We love you, and we celebrate with you. What better way to celebrate than by writing in your notebook? You really need these times of quiet introspection to pay attention to what is happening inside of yourself, and all around you.

So much is just filtered out and forgotten if you don't make some effort to record and examine the moments. Tonight you were waltching a program about thoughts creating reality. You felt like you belonged in that conversation, talking about creating realities. You connected with a publicist this week, and felt like this was a connection to the world of publishing. You are writing easily now. The words flow when you put pen to paper.

Still, you don't know yet what you will write, or how you will write it. It is just a feeling... a feeling you have had since you were little, that you would write books one day. Trust that sense inside of yourself, and keep doing all that you are doing to bring these ideas into reality. You will succeed.

We love you and we are here to support you in all of your efforts.
Your Angels

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Inner Guidance

Dear One,
We love you, and we are so happy that you are finding the Angel messages helpful in your life. Being open to guidance will serve you well. You are at a place in your life where very specific guidance can be given... it is like being a grad student and having a professor to advise you. Now you learn to listen to and follow through on inner direction. The impact on your life will be amazing.
We love you,
Your angels.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How Change Works

Dear One,
We love you, and we are excited that you are starting to see how change works. To understand how change works, and to be able to apply it in your own life is to become a "Master of the Universe". You are just learning the baby steps at the moment.

The "reality" that you live in is totally responsive to your actions. Your sincere desires set the course for what is possible. But it must be followed by actions that align with those desires and strengthen them.

Yesterday you thought you had a problem with your dogs, but when you dug a little deeper you saw that the problem came from who you were being. You shifted that with one bold action. In this case you saw that you need to be "pack leader", and assert yourself more fully with the dogs by walking with them every day. You were about to ignore this advice, and go on working (your old pattern) when you heard a car honking at the dogs who were down at the road again. You knew then that the dogs needed you to go for a walk with them. You did, and the dogs were thrilled. They wore themselves out, and came back so tired that they stayed out of trouble for the rest of the day and night. Keep it up and you will see amazing changes in the dogs, and also in yourself. Even Jasmine wanted to go for a walk last night after she got home. You have here a perfect trail to walk with the dogs.

You are working much better when you do work, and your results are much better, fewer errors. In the afternoon a new opportunity showed itself of someone who can help you with publishing your work. It is a great idea to identify the areas in your life where you need expert help; find the right expert, and use their help to inspire your own growth.

Also the food you made on Sunday gave you some excellent food to eat for two days. Keep it up and you will convert the family eventually... in the meantime you will eat very well.

The brain is full of impulses and ideas. The question is which ones will you pay attention to? You can choose to filter out a great deal by focusing on one activity. In this case you have made the Attunement Blog your place to focus your ideas.
With love,
Your Angels

Monday, February 11, 2008

It Is Only You That Needs To Change

Dear One,
We love you, and we want to remind you to be patient with the people around you. We understand your impatience but you have to remember that it is only you that needs to change in all this. The power is all with you.

Take the dogs for example. You find their behavior frustrating. The dogs are just being dogs. In order to change the dogs behavior you will need to change the way you relate to them. You will need to become pack leader.

The same is true in every area of your life where you are being too passive. Interactions between humans are all power struggles of one type or another. You are passive and frustrated in most of your dealings with people. You have never really assumed the role of pack leader. These dogs love and trust you. Your family loves and trusts you. You have to dig deep to find your own power, and to know when to assert yourself, and when to allow others to be strong.

You have so many good ideas for your business. You have all the creativety and skills you need. Now you can do what it takes to be successful, and that is a lot like being a pack leader. But you have to assert your dominance and control of the situation, or the people following you will not feel safe to trust your leadership.
Your angels

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Change Comes In Small Steps

Dear One,
We love you, and we hope you will continue with the angel writing, and of course you must continue with your own writing everyday also.

It is great that you are taking time to be creative in the mornings. It does help you to work better in the afternoons when you have satisfied your creative urges first. Plus you seem to have more inner satisfaction from your work.

Change comes in small steps, repeated over and over until you really can become aware of the benefits. Twenty-one days is a good amount of time to experience a change of behavior, and start to feel the benefits.

Your next area of focus is your health. Decide on one thing you want to change, and make it happen for 21 days. Try to spend one hour a day on cooking and preparing nutritious meals. Smoothies and salads have been a great place to begin.
We love you,
Your Angels

Saturday, February 09, 2008

A Bird Grasping a Thin Branch

“A bird grasping a thin branch” reminds me of that beautiful song:
"Be like a bird, who, halting in her flight
On a limb too slight, feels it give way beneath her;
Yet sings, sings, knowing she has wings;
Yet sings, sings, knowing she has wings."

This is a lovely metaphor for a life that is full of Grace. There are difficult times, but a person who feels upheld and supported by Divine Presence need never be afraid.

This has been true a million times in my life. Most of my life the branches I have perched upon have been slim to downright twiggy. How I have made it thus far always seems like miracle after miracle to me, as those thin branches buckled and broke... every time there was a way out, a person who came to help, a solution.

Over time I have learned not to panic when I feel the branch is about to go. Singing is good, dancing too, and writing. Sometimes flight is the answer.

When I look back at my life I remind myself that in all these years I have never missed a meal, never had to go a night without a bed, or a roof over my head. When I have been in despair friends have shown up, or when they didn’t, I found other ways to cope.

My feeling at this point is that I am going to make it. All futures are uncertain because they haven’t happened yet. But as each moment unfolds I will be here at the center, singing and trusting that my thin branch will hold. And should the branch fail, trusting that my wings will be sufficient to carry me skyward once again.

We Want the Best For You

Angels dance in joyous celebration of love! -- Bryan DeFlores

Dear One,
We love you, and we are your angels. Not every word that is in your head is from us, as you know. You seem to be getting better at distinguishing our voices.

We want the best for you. We want you to learn and grow, and improve the quality of your life and your family's lives.

You have been doing a lot of remembering lately, all the way back to your childhood. Using Google Earth you retraced the path you used to walk to school, and thought about the river where you used to play. The more you write, the more you will remember these stories. Your life is full of amazing stories, and you have much to tell.

We want you to focus on making good food for yourself and your family. You need lots more green vegetables and seaweed.
Your Angels

Friday, February 08, 2008

Your Life's Purpose

Dear One,
We love you, and we wish you well. You are getting very anxious about money and work, and your life's purpose, etc. And first we would like to emphasize that there is really nothing you "have to do" in order for your life's purpose to be fully expresssed.

Remember that amazing part of that movie where the botanist is talking about insects and flowers, and how all their activity provides oxygen and food for the whole planet. But the insects and flowers are blissfully unaware of this purpose as they busily pursue their own purposes of eating and mating. Humans too fulfill a much greater purpose than just the things that humans think of to do.

The most important thing to do is to focus, and be aware of what is going on - get a better understanding of energy and energy flows. Too often you get tense and worried about things, or you feel guilty and inadequate. You are never alone, and you have no idea what powerful forces surround you. So you can let go of all the anxiety, do your cooking, Feng Shui and writing. Watch what unfolds.
Your Angels.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Find Your Inner Tranquility

Dear One,
Good Morning! We love you, and we hope that today you can find your inner tranquility again.

Yesterday you imagined what it would take for everything in your life to be "perfect" before the New Moon. Life is overwhelming when you try to tackle everything at once. Just keep clearing the path in front of you. That is a good place to begin.

You have been changing your routine by adding extra time for writing each day. Will your work get done just the same? Most definitely because you will work lighter and clearer because of the writing.

It is a very blessed and profound thing to be a writer. You sense that that is what lies ahead in the next twelve year cycle. You have spent a long time in coming to the place where you are today. Don't think that we will abandon you now! If you can become a clear channel, as well as a writer and techno wizard, you will be able to be of great service.
Your Angels

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

You Can Go Deeper Into Your Life

Dear One,
We love you and we are glad that you are choosing to go on. Today is a new day and you have glimpsed at how you can go deeper into your life, and sustain a new consciousness in all that you do.

You are ready to shift your focus in your office from the wealth corner to health, and this has you a bit daunted. You know that at times you neglect your health, and do not do even basic things in the way of diet and exercise. So the challenge is to elevate your thoughts about all this, and to inspire yourself to become healthier and stronger.

Last night you started to glimpse the idea of selling your writing. You have never really thought of it as a way of paying the bills. You have no idea how to sell it. This is also an area we can help with.

Showing up to write every day is more than half the battle. Reaching deep into your thoughts and emotions is another big part. Be patient, and watch the changes unfold.
Your Angels.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Day Twenty One Learning AngelSpeake

The celestials sing the song of divine harmony, the song of the universe! -- Bryan DeFlores

Dear One,
Congratulations, you made it to Day 21!
We love you and we hope you will continue writing these messages every day. You are already seeing major changes in your home and family.

The Feng Shui of the office is going well. You have the wealth corner stripped down to the barest essentials in terms of doing laundry, but maximized for good fortune. Hopefully you can keep people from dumping things in that area.

As long as you come back to your Angel writing every day you will be able to maintain your focus on a higher plane of consciousness. Focus always on the things you love, and the rest falls into place without a great deal of effort on your part. When your energy is harmonious and focused there is an alignment that happens in the energy all around you.
Your Angels

Monday, February 04, 2008

Day Twenty Learning AngelSpeake

Divine Heart, unfold within, and welcome the beckoning light. -- Bryan DeFlores

Dear One,
We love you, and we want to support you in having a good life. Fighting with the people you love can be very distressing. As with other problems, it is best to focus on what brings joy and nurturance to the situation. Think about the areas we have been working on recently. The area of cooking nutritious meals remains untouched.

You long for a peaceful environment, a quiet routine, and deep concentration on your work. Right now that doesn't seem possible. You have to give people space to be themselves. You have to let them experience their own energies without your interference. You know how to make yourself scarce, and we suggest you do that. Go to events, take classes, exercise. Do the things that you need to do, find a way to travel and see your friends.
With love,
Your Angels

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Day Nineteen Learning AngelSpeake

The heart which knows Truth, knows God. -- Bryan DeFlores

Dear One,
We love you, and we are excited that you have continued this far. It is amazing what can change in less than a month just by shifting your focus. You may not feel like all of your problems have been resolved. You may not feel like any one problem has been completely resolved, but there has been a definite shift in your attitude, and in your thinking.

You noticed that when you were cleaning up the dishes you weren't focused on your usual negative thoughts about how you were the only one who cleans up, and angry thoughts towards your family. You noticed that that wasn't happening, you were just cleaning up for the sake of having a clean house. It makes such a difference. You have been so focused on this writing project that you haven't had huge amounts of time to worry or complain.

A new attitude has opened up some new opportunities for you at work, and that will be beneficial to you down the road. Now you see new ways to be making changes in other areas of your life also. Things have also been changing for other family members, and that is interesting too... Changing yourself often results in other people making changes in their own lives. And then their changes affect other people so there is really no way of knowing how far it reaches.

When you create "'corners" in your room it is great to reinforce the corners with prayers for yourself, your family, and for the world. Plant the seeds of the future in each corner to reinforce your intentions. Getting very clear about your intentions is essential to creating what you want. Spend some time on this this week.
We love you,
Your Angels.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Day Eighteen Learning AngelSpeake

Angels bring hope to all through the kind words of others. -- Bryan DeFlores

Dear One,
We love you, and we're glad you asked about staying healthy. Focusing on staying healthy now will serve you well as you move into your later years. The things to work on are flexibility of movement, and endurance. Walking is good for endurance, and yoga or mentastics will help with flexability.

Cooking a wholesome meal each day will really make a difference. You need to make the effort, even if no one else eats it at first. They will come around in time. It is so much easier to stay healthy than to try to recover health after you get sick.

The "health corner" of your office is the kitchen door. Think about what you could place there to reinforce health for the whole family.
With love,
Your Angels

Friday, February 01, 2008

Day Seventeen Learning AngelSpeake

We bring you the message of glorious Eternal Life and the Transformation of the Soul into Light. -- Bryan DeFlores

Dear One,
We love you and we hope you will take time to make some ginger tea for your cold. You really need to slow down and take good care of yourself!

Somehow you got the idea that taking care of yourself was not as important or neccessary as taking care of others. You are really the only one who needs to make this shift with regards to yourself. No one else can really "take care of you".

Having a body is an awesome opportunity to experience life. Think of all the sensations that have surrounded you from birth, all of the things you have learned through your senses. You must take care of your body for it is the only one you have this lifetime! All the things that you think are so important are nothing if you loose your health, or loose your ability to function.

Things are shifting for you now in your office, and in your work. Relax and trust that all is well.
Your Angels