Monday, October 25, 2004

Good Intentions

I always start out with such good intentions. "I'm going to start blogging and it will be so great and I'll post something everyday etc, etc..."

I do well for a few days and then it starts to seem difficult, not as fun as I thought it would be. I wonder if anyone reads it, and then I'm embarrassed if anyone says they did.

That movie, What the Bleep Do We Know? got me back on track. I hadn't been blogging for almost a month now. It was about to go out of existence. I was doing my work on attunement and I have really discovered some wonderful things about attunement in the last month. But the whole idea of the blog was to share that information.

The movie is full of people like myself who spend a great deal of time trying to understand HOW their thoughts are creating their reality, and HOW to have any kind of conscious effect on the reality that you are creating. There is one scientist in the movie, Dr. Joe Dispenza and he talks about how he creates his day. You can read about it here:
That kind of woke me up. I journal every morning but it is frequently about mulling over the past. I had not been using my journal to consciously create my day. It is a completely different focus. He talks about asking the Universe to respond to his intensions in ways that will be obvious to him that his intensions have been noted. I loved that. I guess a lot of other people did too because they made a special page on the web site just for his comments!

I have an example of something that happened to me last week. I am working with some prosperity affirmations (which I will write more about later). My intention that I am putting out there is for more abundance in my life. Last week I participated in a yard sale. The idea was to get rid of some stuff that had been hanging around too long, clearing out clutter. When I got to the yard sale there was a beautiful sofa for sale... just the kind of sofa I would love to have, but I didn't have money for spending, and I was not coming to buy anything, just to sell. But I didn't even think about all that, I just said, "Wow! What a great sofa!" and kept on going. Well it turned out that the sofa belonged to someone who already owed me money, and when she heard that I loved the sofa she arranged it so that I would get the sofa in exchange for the money she owed me. So I went home with the beautiful sofa. Now, what you have to know is that my living room has been a total disaster all summer. My housemate had been storing about fifteen huge TV's still in their cardboard boxes right in the middle of the living room. It had been unusable for months and despite numerous requests that he move the stuff, it was still there. It was making me feel bad on an unconscious level and also, I couldn't have company because there was no place to sit and the room was such a mess.

What I saw in all this was that the Universe, knowing what I needed, sent this beautiful sofa for me to have without it costing me any hard cash. In order to move the sofa in, the boxes had to go!! Now I not only have a sofa, but I have a living room and that means a place to have friends over etc. So my life is greatly enhanced by this gift. I really knew that a wisdom greater than my own caused this to happen because it was what so much what I needed, and I would not have considered going out and purchasing a sofa. To me it was like a little miracle.

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everything happens for a reason