Sunday, April 10, 2005

Spring Again

That went well! It got published that time. Mercury retrograde ends today!
It is Spring here. Such a fabulous time with new delights every day. It seems like we have just enough winter for me to completely forget how beautiful the trees look with their leaves on. The week of Dogwoods in Bloom still takes me by surprise... and once it gets going here it all happens so quickly.
The lesson I've been hearing over and over lately is that change is a constant. I know that and yet I forget again and again. What makes us try so hard to hang on to things that are in a constant state of transformation?
I got a better understanding of the Hindu god Shiva this past month. I always wondered why a god who is known as "the destroyer" was so beloved. Then I got the answer, that the destroyer takes away all that is old, sick or corrupted to make room for new growth. It is so true. Each time I am convinced that I have suffered some great loss it turns out just to be another pruning to make way for new growth in the Spring.

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