Saturday, June 24, 2006

Over In the Meadow

I will ask a question in honor of the new moon. Yesterday I was awake around five and looked out to see the moon, just the finest sliver of a moon, and Venus sitting just to her right about ten degrees apart, it was so pretty and looked so delicate in the sky. A moment later I looked again and it was gone, obscured by clouds and then hidden by the sunrise.

So here is my question since new moons are for wishes, “What do I wish for?”

I wish to be lifted up spiritually. I wish to be lifted up to a new perspective where all my problems have simple solutions. I wish to increase my vibration, to vibrate at a higher octave.

What do I wish for? I wish for a closer connection to the natural world. I live very closely with my dogs. They are my family. They are a lot of fun, and a lot of trouble. Happily we live in the best place ever for dogs… a great farm with woods so they can run around free all day. They like to spend a good part of each day lying at my feet, usually sprawled under my computer table, or right behind my chair. Each day we go for a walk. It is not a long walk but it winds through the farm and out to a large meadow, and then into the woods. I don’t usually go into the woods. I have a chair down in the meadow and I usually sit down there for a while and contemplate the sky and the woods, watch butterflies and centipedes. If I get down to the meadow before the dogs, who run wherever their noses take them, I will sometimes see deer running across the meadow, slipping into the trees. The meadow is my meditation room, so large and peaceful and painted in such beautiful colors.

From my office I can see another meadow, a pasture where five black Angus bulls roam daily eating the grass. Sometimes the deer jump the electric fence to join the bulls in the pasture. When you look back a minute later they have vanished, kind of the way the Moon and Venus vanished. I know they are still there, but I can’t see them.

Spirit is like this for me. Sometimes I see it so clearly in my life. I come around a bend in the path, and suddenly there it is. The next minute it is gone, and all I have is the memory of its beauty, and the pure conviction of its presence even when I can’t see it. What will you wish for?

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