Friday, July 17, 2009

Understanding How Precious You Are

Dear One,
We love you and we are so happy that you remembered us. We love it when you remember us because we are always here with you, and we are always loving you.

We watch over you as lovingly as any mother watches over her toddler. We give you space to explore the world on your own. But we are always close enough to catch you if you stumble.

You have been growing so well lately and learning how to manifest the life that you want. Finally you have shed the tired old clothing of shame, guilt and feeling inadequate that you wore for so long. Finally you understand that we are here for you. We are always here for you, have always been, will always be.

You are taking good care of yourself now, and finally understanding how precious you are, how important your feelings are, how carefully you must guard your inner harmony and well-being.

Dear One, we are so happy when you say that you are grateful for your life, and for your body. Your gratitude bubbles like a happy stream through your body, and you drink in the beauty of your surroundings.

You are blessed dear one, with loving family and friends who inspire and comfort you.
Thank you dear one, thank you for listening.
Your Angels

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