Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A Whole New World Inside Yourself

Dear One,
We love you, and we enjoy our communications with you.

You are so blessed to live in a beautiful place.
You are so blessed to have a beautiful family.
You are so blessed to be strong and alive.

Your reality is not real. It is shaped by your perceptions, your thoughts, and your emotions. What you call reality is constantly shifting and changing. It is much more fluid than your perceptions allow you to believe.

It is only by slowing down your internal dialogue that you can become aware of the activity of your mind. You are fairly aware of your responses to external things, and now as you are moving your focus inward, you become more aware of your internal responses.

Tensions in your body, and in your mind restrict the flow of chi to your internal organs. Your tensions become like a barrier, actually preventing you from really sensing yourself as part of the environment that flows around you. More and more tension makes it more and more difficult to have authentic interactions with others, or to sense subtle messages from your guides, and from your body.

That is why we have been encouraging you to find ways of being that are peaceful and easy to maintain. Reducing the tension will open up a whole new world inside yourself.
Your Angels

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