Sunday, September 12, 2004


I am struggling to set the direction today. I am quite unsure of what to do. I think the message for me is to learn more about using my own power, and focusing on my own goals.

I have had a lovely weekend of relaxing. The Dances of Universal Peace was wonderful and calm and it felt very good to be communing with the beloved with like-hearted beings. I really don’t want to go to a church and sit in a hard chair and read things out of books etc. To dance and sing and smile at other human beings… that seems to work for me. I am going to do this regularly now. I really just need to manage my own energy and navigate as best as I can with the tools that I have. That is really all I can do. I changed magic to attunement. I think it is a profound change, and it has come out of this lesson I have been working on this month.

Attunement definitely demands relaxation, because I have to pay attention to myself. I can’t do that when I am running around and being too involved in other people’s lives. I need to relax, focus, listen, and make whatever adjustments are necessary… just like tuning an instrument. When my instrument is properly tuned I can create waves of harmony in the world. When I am out of tune nothing I do will resonate well. Wow… that says it all for me today.

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