Thursday, September 09, 2004

Tarot - The Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups

Key Words:
the watery aspect of water, as above so below; emotions shown openly; motherhood; emotional integrity.

The Queen’s form is enclosed in light-beams, so you only see her if you look closely. Her being cannot be understood intellectually. You must feel and sense it. She is shrouded in mystery and if you wish to comprehend this mystery, you will have to go deeply into the realm of sensitivity and feeling.

The calm sea on which she rests mirrors her image almost perfectly. What she radiates outwardly is reflected (or is a reflection of) the deepest emotional reaches of her being. She is in contact with her feelings and shows them openly and authentically. The people around her may not always understand her, but that is not a problem for her. She will not compromise emotionally, for in order to do so, she would have to deny herself, and might loose the glow of her beauty in doing so.

The white lotus blossoms on the lake, and in her hand, symbolize love of a giving nature. Lotus roots come out of the dark, muddy depths of the water, but the leaves and petals of the lotus remain untouched by the mud and water. Water rolls off the petals, or rests on them as beads of water. They remain connected to the water and mud, growing from them, but are different and separate. Blossoming love too, grows from unconscious realms of instinct and drive, and is fed by it. The light of consciousness causes unconscious energies to arise in a new form. The old appears in a new light, is transfigured, and emotional rebirth has taken place.

The stork, messenger of the returning spring, is harbinger of the new. This card can be seen as having some connection with motherhood. The lotus in the Queen’s hand is also the lotus of Isis, the Great Mother. Cancer, the Crab, in the shell-shaped cup also indicates the domestic realm of the family.

Indication: By showing your feelings openly you become beautiful. There may be people who don’t understand you; don’t concern yourself about it! There are enough others with whom you can share your feelings.

Question: Are you open to your emotions and feelings?

Suggestion: Trust your feelings! Live in harmony with them!

My openness and vitality makes me beautiful.

This card makes me think of the house with the pond over on Hermine Street. It is for rent but the landlord won’t rent to dogs. I love the pond. Nearly every day we see the blue heron there standing in the water at the edge of the pond. This morning there were about twelve Canada Geese in the yard.

I am thinking today about the URL Does it capture the essence of what I’m shifting towards? Shape shifting has begun!

I seem to plunging to the depths of my soul these days. Mostly it is good although there have been some difficult moments. My spiritual quest has turned up fragments of myself that need to woven into a colorful serape...a new public me.

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