Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Creativity Magic

Notes from my Daily Horoscope for today from
No matter what tasks come before you, prioritize them to make time for your own interests. You may be onto something bigger than your daily chores and if you don't pursue the opportunity, you'll never forgive yourself.

Instead of moving from one thought to the next, we slow down and go deeper, and bring up old memories that are connected to the present situations. Take time to pull back into your protective shell. Spend some comfortable time at home or with your friends and family. But above all, create the time and space to nurture yourself.

Notes From The Magical ApproachSeth Speaks About the Art of Creative Living by Jane Roberts

About Time:
The time that any artistic creation is involved with follows earth’s own time however. The creator’s time rises out of the seasons and the tides, even though in your society you make a great effort to fit the creator’s time into what I call assembly-time time. If you are a writer or an artist, then it seems that you must produce so many paintings, or books, or whatever as, say an automobile worker must process so many pieces of the overall car chassis. Particularly if you want to make a living at your art, you fall into the frame of mind in which you think that “each minute is valuable” – but what you mean is that each minute must be a minute of production. But each moment must be valuable in itself, whatever you do with it.

It certainly seems that the best way to get specific answers is to ask specific questions, and the rational mind thinks first of all of something like a list of questions…. She knows that no matter what she has been taught, she must to some degree forget the questions and the mood that accompanies them with one level of her consciousness, in order to create the proper kind of attention at another level of consciousness – an atmosphere that allows the answers to come even though they may be presented in a different way than that expected by the rational mind.

Trying to fit the great thrust of creativity into assembly-line time is in itself bound to lead to conflicts, dissatisfactions, and frustrations. If the proper creative and magical orientation is kept primarily in mind, other things will fall into place.

True creativity comes from enjoying the moments, which then fulfill themselves, and a part of the creative process is indeed the art of relaxation, the letting go, for that triggers magical activity….

…the ruler’s measurements have absolutely nothing to do with the measurements made by the heart….
The intellect is a great organizer, …so if this concentration is continued it begins to organize its perceptions and experience along the same lines. It is a kind of misguided attempt to find order by finding data that agree with itself. It collects evidence, then to prove its point, because the rational mind, as you understand it, must have an acceptable
reason for everything.

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simultaneo said...

I am david from spain
I not speak english,no very goog
I read the books by seth,jane roberts
but in my country not exist all books
do you have the ebooks by seth?
thank you sister
all is1
all is unconditional love